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As a small business copywriter, I shine a light on your biz with customised copy and content that speaks directly to your unique audience.

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Is writing content sucking all the fun out of your business?

Do you feel like you’ve wasted enormous amounts of time and effort writing sales and marketing content that got little to no results? Have you wondered what went wrong? Or worse, whether your service is really as good as you thought it was?

I get it. You went into business because you have a skill or talent. A magical gift that transforms lives and businesses… and lights you up. Not to endure the constant slog of writing ALL the marketing stuff needed to get clients. That wasn’t your dream.

So, how amazing would it feel if you could say…

  • No more to cringing and making excuses when people ask to see your website
  • No more to staring at the blinking curser of death waiting for inspiration to strike
  • No more to sounding like a stuffy corporate bank in an effort to look professional

And instead, say yes to…

  • Re-focusing your time and energy to work on what you rock at instead of writing copy
  • Standing out and becoming known and respected as an expert in your industry
  • Booking dream clients who value your expertise and are more than willing to pay for it

Wouldn’t you love to free up your time and headspace, so you can love your business again… and win more clients?

Of course, you would! And, as a small business copywriter, that’s what I’m here to help with.

Say goodbye to content stress. Let me handle it for you.
Because not having the time, energy, or expertise to write content shouldn’t be a barrier to having a thriving business.

My content and copywriting services

Website content Checklist icon

Website Content Review Service

Not sure if your content is hitting the mark? Get my expert eyes on your words and I’ll tell you how you can improve it.
Website content copywriting

Website Copywriting Service

Get your message out there with compelling website content that captures your visitor’s attention and converts them into leads.
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Sales Page Copywriting Service

Sell your service or course like never before. I’ll write a persuasive sales page that converts views into sales.
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Blog Writing Service

Keep your website fresh, attract new visitors and keep Google happy. I’ll write SEO-friendly content at a frequency to suit you.
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Tailored Services

Need emails, sales letters, landing pages, brochures, flyers, video scripts… or anything else? Ask me for a quote.

Louise Fowen small business copywriter sitting on an office chair with a pink jumper and blue jeans

Hi, I’m Louise

A small business copywriter for service-based biz owners who are so over the slog of writing their own marketing content. Because, quite frankly, they don’t have the skills, time, or inclination to do it themselves.

They hire me to write their content so they can free up their time and grow their business with copy that draws ideal clients into their world.

I’ve been busy working with small, service-based biz owners since 2019. Before that, I spent 20 years working in marketing and internal comms at B&Q.

It takes one to know one, right?

You’re an entrepreneur and small business owner, and so am I (hello!). So, I get you. I know how daunting, time-zapping and mentally exhausting it is to create content that sets your business apart and creates a bond with potential clients.

That’s why everything I do is tailored towards taking the stress off your hands and getting you results. Making it easier for you to reach your goals and thrive.

Let me help you confidently market your service-based business.

Nice things clients said about me

If you’re looking for help with website or sales page copy, I’d highly recommend Louise! After a brief chat, she was able to understand my needs and un-jumble my thoughts into the perfect words that I’d never have been able to do. Don’t waste time trying to DIY your copy, give it to Louise, she’s an absolute expert.

Maria Watson

Business Owner, The Details Director

We contacted Louise to get our new website professionally copy written. Louise’s process was simple and easy to understand. We gave her a brief of what we wanted and she got back to us in a couple of weeks with an initial outline. After a few tweaks it was done. No fuss, very professional. Louise also helped with web site title tags and some layout issues. She’s friendly, approachable and easy to work with, I would recommend her services and would definitely use her again.

Jason Barnett

Business Owner, Tailored Interior Design

Thanks, Louise for the support and advice on my landing page. I implemented every single one. Those changes were ‘gold’ to me as I just wouldn’t have thought of them. With those changes now in place, I have so much more confidence in putting my landing page out to the world.
Ann-Marie Clare

Business Owner, Ann-Marie Clare Coaching & Healing

Ready to reclaim your time AND skyrocket
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