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Attract visitors to your website with regular blog posts

Blogs are the best long term way to promote your business, but they can be time-consuming to write. Using my blog copywriting service frees up your time and ensures you get an engaging blog to build awareness of your business.

By hiring me to do your blog copywriting you’ll get a blog that:

✅ is well researched
shows authority in your field
✅ contains original content
✅ is engaging and easy to read
✅ is SEO optimised with keywords and phrases
✅ can be shared on social media

Still not sure you need a copywriter to write blogs for you? Check out my blog: What’s a copywriter? A guide for small businesses.

Multiple blog copywriting service

Having one blog post is a great start. But to make a real difference to your web traffic and climb the Google rankings you need a reason for visitors to keep coming back. And that means fresh blog content posted regularly.

That’s why I offer a discount on multiple blogs:

💥 10% off 5 blog posts

💥 20% off 10 blog posts

My rates

Blogs vary greatly in size and complexity. Therefore the costs below aren’t exact prices, but rather guide prices that depend on various factors such as: 

  • The degree of background research required
  • The quantity and quality of information supplied
  • The number of amendments

Once I understand your project better, I’ll give you an individual estimate for the work involved.

Listed rates are guidelines only:

Blog post copywriting: £125 per 800 word blog
Researching and writing blog articles for your website that include page titles and meta descriptions. 

  • Article based on a basic brief 
  • 3 headline suggestions
  • Image suggestions
  • Includes 2 rounds of amends and proofreading

5 blog posts based on the above criteria with a 10% discount: £562.50
10 blog posts based on the above criteria with a
20% discount: £1000

Get a free, no-obligation quote

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