Brochure and leaflet copywriting

Brochure and leaflet copywriting services

Inspire, promote and sell with brochures and leaflets

Unlike digital marketing, home improvement brochures and leaflets can have a long life span in the homes of your potential customers – especially if they’re good. That’s why brochure and leaflet copywriting is so important.

A well-written brochure can inspire your customers to do great things in their homes, and use your products and services to do them.

A cleverly worded leaflet raises awareness of your products, services and promotions, and sends potential customers to your website or shop.

My brochure and leaflet copywriting experience


I’ve been where you are. I spent over 5 years working as a publications advisor in the home improvement industry, managing the delivery of brochures from concept to print.

Some of the time I worked with design agencies who wrote the copy (so I’ve learnt from some of the best). And at other times, I worked with in-house designers and wrote the copy myself.

The types of content I’ve written cover inspirational copy, product descriptions, and information and services copy.


I wrote and managed the production of home improvement leaflets for 3 years. The leaflet content covered ‘how-to’ instructions (covering a multitude of DIY and gardening projects), leaflets selling services such as installation, delivery and finance, leaflets about policies such as Social Responsibility, and promotional leaflets/flyers to sell products.

By hiring me to do your brochure and leaflet copywriting you’ll get content that:

promotes your products and services in a clear and simple way
inspires readers to do great things in their homes
encourages readers to take action
✅ increases brand awareness

Still not sure you need a copywriter to do your brochure and leaflet copywriting for you? Check out my blog: What’s a copywriter? A guide for small businesses.

Need brochure and leaflet design too?

I know a man who can!

I’ve teamed up with graphic designer, Geoff Long at oceanBlu. Together we can create beautifully designed and written brochures and leaflets your customers will love.

My rates

Brochures and leaflets vary greatly in size and complexity. Therefore the costs below aren’t exact prices, but rather guide prices that depend on various factors such as: 

  • The degree of background research required
  • The quantity and quality of information supplied
  • The number of amendments

Once I understand your project better, I’ll give you an individual estimate for the work involved.

Listed rates are guidelines only:

Brochures/leaflets: £360 per 1000 words
Includes brochures, booklets and flyers to promote companies, organisations, products, services or events. 

  • Includes 2 rounds of amends and proofreading

Get a free, no-obligation quote

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As leaflets are usually just a page or two, quotes will be simpler to work out. Brochures may need more discussion depending on the size and how much copy is needed. Please tell me as much as you can in the form below.

I’ll be in touch within 24 hours, either with a quote or to arrange a call if necessary.

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