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Get an effective lead generation page that converts into sales

Launching a new coaching course or programme is tough. To start, there’s all the work you need to pull together to deliver your course. But before all of that, there’s 5-day challenges, webinars or lead magnets to organise and deliver. As well as all the marketing components you need to create to get people to actually join up. And doing all of that on top of your usual client work… phew! It’s exhausting! So, wouldn’t it be a shame to put in all of that time and effort and then only have a few sign-ups?

The truth is, to successfully recruit new clients to your course or programme, you need a strong sales page. One that engages, excites and inspires your ideal clients to act. That’s where I come in.

My sales page writing service

I write sales page content that:

  • hooks your audience in with bold headlines
  • digs into their problems to show you understand them
  • paints a picture of what their future will be like after your help
  • explains the features and benefits of your service in detail
  • tells people who your service is for
  • builds trust and credibility to show why they should choose you
  • shows your personality so they get to know and like you
  • addresses their objections to clear those blocks
  • includes a compelling call to action to make them act
  • adds urgency to act now

My sale page copywriting rates

Sales pages start from £210 for up to 800 words.

This includes a briefing session with you, research, the sales page copy, up to 2 rounds of amends and proofreading.

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