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Get expert eyes on your website and advice on how to improve it

When you started your coaching business, you probably didn’t have oodles of cash to get things set up by experts. You had to work out how to do things yourself.

Paying someone to write your website content was probably at the bottom of the list. And that’s ok. It gave you a start. And starting is better than doing nothing, right?

But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who does know what they’re doing have a look over your site and tell you how you can improve on what you’ve already got.

Well, now you can! With my…

Website content health check

Here’s what it covers:

  • A look at your website as a whole, making sure you have all the pages and information you need to appear credible.
  • A detailed look at each page (up to 3 or 5 pages), checking to see how well you are motivating your visitors towards your call to action and your main objective.
  • A detailed look at each page (up to 3 or 5 pages), focusing on the language you use and how well you communicate your marketing message.
  • A detailed written report covering everything above, with recommended actions you can take to improve your site.
  • A 60-minute Zoom call to walk through your report so you can ask any questions.

My website content health check prices

£99 for a 3 page review.

£149 for a 5 page review.

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