Kate Hunter – Bear Cleaning

I have just completed a website content review with Louise, via a one hour zoom call, and I cannot believe the value that Louise provided in just one hour. It was clear from the outset that Louise had prepared in advance an I immediately felt that she had an overview of my website & the services we offer. Louise has an excellent understanding of SEO and how to make this best of use of this throughout the website and was able to explain this, without overwhelming me or bombarding me with jargon. At no point did I feel that Louise was trying to rewrite my website, instead she offered simple tweaks around how a page looked or how to rework the same information, clearly demonstrating her knowledge and understanding of how potential customers use websites. Throughout the session Louise regularly checked my understanding, whilst ensuring she maximised the time available to share her ideas and suggestions. I would not hesitate to recommend Louise for a website review. I believe the opportunity to have fresh eyes on your content, from someone who has extensive experience & insight cannot be underestimated. Thank you so much Louise, I can’t wait to get cracking!