Tereza Szalai – Fit Care for Mums

Louise has sent me a written detailed report about every one of my chosen website pages which was brilliant by itself as I can go through each page and keep updating it in my own time. I can also always go back to the report in the future. The call with Louise to follow up the report was booked out of curiosity as I wasn’t sure what more could be said after such thorough feedback and action steps given already in the written form. I was warmly greeted with a friendly approach which put me straight at ease. I got complimented about the great work I did on my website all by myself and Louise pinpointed my strengths which made me really proud of myself. She has walked through the report with me page by page visually on the screen and has given me some tips and ideas on how to improve it myself. I felt positive that I can make the website clearer and more user friendly by myself. But I can also see how beneficial her services would be for my business in the future.