Website content health check

Are you missing out on getting leads through your website?

Get my expert eyes on your website and I’ll tell you how to turn it from wishy-washy to wow!

When you started your business, if you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t have oodles of cash to spend getting things set up by experts.

Paying someone to write your website content was probably at the bottom of the list. So you did it yourself.  

And that’s ok. It gave you a start. And done is better than perfect, right?  

But now it’s finished, you’re having doubts. Am I talking in my ideal clients language? Does it sound too salesy? Or maybe it’s not salesy enough?  

You could just leave it and hope for the best. You could keep reviewing it. Spend weeks chopping and changing your mind, tweaking it here and there. 

Or you could get someone who knows how to write good website content to take a look and tell you exactly what you need to do. 

Introducing my website content health check. 

Website content check Louise Fowen

So what does a website content health check cover?

A look at your whole website, making sure you have all the pages and information you need to appear credible.

A detailed look at some chosen pages to see if you’re motivating your visitors towards your main objective.

A detailed look at some chosen pages, focusing on the language you use and how well you communicate your message.

A detailed written report covering all of this, with recommended actions you can take to improve your site.

A Zoom call to walk through your report so you can ask questions and get really clear on what you need to do next.

Get clear on the changes you need to make. Take action and feel proud to share your website with the world

How it works

Number 1

Head on down the page and choose a 3 or 5 page health check. You’ll be taken to a payment page. Pop your details in to buy now.

Number 2

I’ll send you a questionnaire to get your URL, the pages you want reviewing and some info about your biz. Fill it in and ping it back.

Number 3

Go away. Live your life. Forget about me for a week. I’ll be over here, getting my stethoscope out and doing my thing.

Number 4

Ta da! I’ll send over your website content health check report by email. Usually within a week, but I’ll let you know if it’ll be longer.

Number 5

Drink in the wonderful goodness of your report, then when you’re ready, book in a Zoom call. This bit’s totally optional.

Number 6

We’ll chat on Zoom. I’ll share my screen and we’ll walk through all the recommendations in the report. You can ask me anything.

Louise has sent me a written detailed report about my chosen website pages which was brilliant. The call to follow up was booked out of curiosity as I wasn’t sure what more could be said after such thorough feedback and action steps given already. I was warmly greeted with a friendly approach which put me at ease. She walked through the report page by page visually on the screen and has given me the tips and ideas on how to improve it myself. I felt positive that I can make the website clearer and more user friendly by myself.

Tereza Szalai

Business Owner, Fit Care For Mums

Website content health check packages and prices

Got a different number of pages you’d like checking? Contact me for a price.